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Irish Divorce and Family Law Specialists

Lynch Solicitors provides a full range of services in relation to all aspects of family law and has been doing so for over two decades. During this period the legislation govering Family Law in Ireland has changed dramatically and most significantly in 1995 with the passing of the Divorce referendum which lifted the ban on Divorce in Ireland.     

Today, couples who experience serious relationship difficulties have a range of options to choose from in terms of how they move forward with their lives, together or separately. This site is designed to present those options clearly and objectively.

Separation and divorce are, for the majority of people, traumatic events and are often associated with anger, disappointment and financial worries. Following the breakdown of a marriage, spouses are often left bewildered and confused as to how to cope with all the changes that lie ahead. One reality that remains however, is that where children are involved they still need their parents to act in a caring and responsible manner. At Lynch Solicitors family law clients are encouraged at every stage to place their children’s welfare at the centre of all their actions and decisions.

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Divorce in Ireland

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